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What is FUD?
FUD [ fuhd ] acronym
Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt.

Many IT support firms and vendors in the IT industry think FUD
is the best way to get YOU to BUY something.

Has your IT support firm said any of the following?

  1. There’s always some guy in the Ukraine trying to hack into your network.
  2. 20 passwords from your business are on the “Dark Web” and you need us to monitor the “Dark Web” for you.
  3. You need our premium security service to be safe.
  4. Your version of Windows is out of support and MUST be replaced.
  5. We can run a network audit and tell you if your current IT support firm is doing their job.

In fact, the network audit (sometimes called discovery or evaluation) is the number one tool for spreading FUD among prospective IT support clients. At a recent conference, a speaker said he wanted everyone to “run network assessments as part of the sales process” and to “come up with lots of reds” because “that’s how I want you to generate FUD and scare them into buying.” Ironically he also said, “We all are going to have red items if we scan our clients, but that’s not the point.”

Fear Uncertainty Doubt

There IS a better way.
IT support and security is simple and doesn’t need to be scary.